a unique recording studio dedicated to recording acoustic and electroacoustic music







KACHARA is an audio recording studio that is carefully assembled for recording acoustic and electro-acoustic music featuring two recording rooms, a highest class semi-grand piano and a selection of recording equipment for highest quality acoustic recording and production.




is the main recording room. 8,5 x 6 x 4 square meters in size, with natural light coming from two 140x140 cm windows looking at a garden.

is 8 x 6 x 3 square meters in
size and it's mainly used to
separate instruments during
the recording process.

photo gallery of the space & location



Pro Tools HD2 system - 24 channel in the highest resolution 
Interface - Digidesign 192khz/24bit - 16 analogue and 8 digital inputs – 8 outputs 
TLA 8 - channel tube mixer
DR 10-channel - solid state mixer 
Midas XL 42  - stereo mic preamp 
Neve Portico  - stereo mic preamp 
6 x Neumann mics - (2x KM 140, 2x KM 184, vintage U87, vintage KM 84)
8 Akg and Audio Technica - condenser mics 
Bower & Wilkins 801 F studio monitors - studio monitoring
Krk V6 - first series, Beyer Dynamic 990 Pro - headphones
Bozo Electronics custom - distributor and amplifiers
Mapex - drum set 
double bass
 - available on demand
piano - Shigeru KAWAI SK 7

Bricasti M7 V2 REVERB

It is the premier quality hardware reverberation system, recognized
by the audio production experts as the best one ever made for
acoustic music. It's one of the determining factors for the
characteristic sound of ECM record label's production.




In spring 2016 the studio has aquired a new hand-made semi-grand piano of the highest class Shigeru KAWAI series.
It's in pristine state and has already been praised by several local classical pianists as one of the best sounding pianos in the region.
You can read about this special Kawai series of pianos on their webpage: http://shigerukawai.com/  


"Being someone who spent many hours in studio work, I'm very well aware how important the conditions in which I record are. Finally there is a space where both the recording conditions and the instrument are of the highest possible level. KAWAI SHIGERU & Kachara recording studio, first time in Serbia. "

  - Slobodanka Stević, active pianist in fields of contemporary music



contemporary classical / chamber ensemble
alto voice, string quartet, piano, ac. guitar, harp, bassoon, soprano sax, acoustic bass and percussion / recorded at the old Synagogue in Novi Sad in 2010.
contemporary jazz
recorded at the old Synagogue in Novi Sad, mixed at Kachara MM studio Bukovac. Mastered in Athens Mastering Studio

contemporary chamber, tango

soprano sax, string quartet, accordion, piano, ac. guitar, acoustic bass and percussion / recorded at the old Synagogue and Kachara MM studio.

contemporary jazz, improvised

piano, alto sax, acoustic bass, drums /
recorded at the old Synagogue in 2012. (not mastered recording)

alternative pop

vocal, soprano sax, ac. guitar, accordion, acoustic bass, drums and string quartet. Recorded and mixed at Kachara MM Studio in Bukovac in 2004.

contemporary classical
oboe and string quartet
recorded at the old Synagogue in Novi Sad in 2004.

arranged folk
/ quartet:
clarinet, violin, viola, acoustic bass / recorded and mixed at Kachara MM studio Bukovac in 2008. (not mastered recording).

contemporary tango

piano duo
recorded at the old Synagogue in Novi Sad in 2010.

/ string quartet
recorded at the old Synagogue in Novi Sad in 2005.

/ trio
guitar, acoustic bass, drums / recorded and mixed at Kachara MM studio Bukovac in 2011. (not mastered recording)

contemporary jazz
/ piano trio
Recorded at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad and mixed at Kachara MM Studio, Bukovac in 2011. (not mastered recording).

contemporary chamber
KacharaMMstudio production 2015. Mastered at Athens Mastering Studio


KACHARA, which in Serbian stands for a room where wine was produced, was the original purpose of the present day studio space.The house is placed in the village of Bukovac, in the foot of the little mountain Fruska Gora. The village is 10 km far from Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina region, northern autonomy province of the present day Serbia.

The studio was build in renovated 150 years old traditional house with almost one meter tick walls made from the soil - which gives a special environmental and acoustical quality to the studio space. 






In house engineer

Ljubomir Pejic


music producer, soundman

& musician


ljp.webns [at] gmail.com

in house recording producer

Boris Kovac


composer, musician, sound man

recording producer



recording & production consultant

Milan Nenin


composer, musician, sound man

music producer &

mastering engineer




* there is a possibility for each customer to engage any sound man and producer.
in such a case KACHARA studio would provide just the studio hosting.


For booking the studio and/or any other questions


phone number - +381 64 186 11 77





There are several possibilities of an acommodation in close area of the studio place with very reasonable prices (from even 10 eur per person / per day).
For deatiled information please contact